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Change subject line in Notification Emails

Question asked by Brian Padelford on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2020 by Nicoli Ames

I want to change the subject line of the notification emails for state changes.  Right now the subject is always: "Documents have changed state"

I want to put the file name of the file changing state in the subject line.  I found an old post for Solidworks 2010 that recommended change the DocumentMsgTemplate in the SQL database.

I changed the subject to contain the '_ConisioFileName_' variable used in other notification email subjects like file check out, check in, etc.

However, it appears that this type of notification does not parse the variables correctly and the notification now comes through as "Document '_ConisioFileName_' has changed state to '_ConisioDestState_'."

This is obviously not what I want.

I checked and the file name is parsed correctly during a check out transition notification.

Is this impossible because EPDM handles state change notifications differently than every other type of notification (parsing variables in the subject line)?


Any advice is appreciated.