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    Problems with spring connectors (bugs?)

    Leonardo Presciuttini

      The first figure (Cattura.jpg)  shows a message received after having launched the run on a linear study. I am pretty sure that the faces defining the end points of that  spring are perfectly equal and projecting to each other. Please note that no such connector named "S" exists.

      The second figure (Cattura1.jpg) shows the senseless explanation of what is the problem: "Fcsntsaigeog vrapn rjce ra, pigcnetrS" !?!?


      Secondly, I installed 950 spring connectors by some API macros. That way I noticed that even if I define through macro the type of spring as "total", the result is always "distributed".


      Has somebody encountered yet a similar problem?


      Thank you

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          Jared Conway

          What version and sp? I believe I saw the spring issue in the swx kb.


          when you edit the spring in error, is there anything out if the ordinary? If you recreate it does it work fine? Could be a macro issue.


          as for the projected area, you will have to narrow down which one is causing the issue. The s part again could be coming from the macro creation. Once you narrow it down you can test creating manually.

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              Leonardo Presciuttini

              2015 Sp0.

              When editing the spring all is OK, and without making any change and saving, all returns OK. It is not always the same Spring which causes the problem. It may change  from one run to another. The problem arises also with springs created manually from scratch, but within the multitude (950) of the other springs. In another post I have also quoted the problem of the crash during execution: "Internal error". After a lengthy process of narrowing down I have found the offending spring, and after suppressing it the solution can successfully go to end. I see your guess about a macro issue. The problem is that I do not see a viable way to create all those springs manually to see if the problem is with the macro

              Thank you Jared