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Parts saved from STEP file, missing "Default" tab in Enterprise PDM until saved in SolidWorks.

Question asked by Martin Solem on Nov 4, 2014

Hey all,


I got a STEP file of an assembly, and when i open it in SolidWorks and save it, SolidWorks bursts out all parts in the Assembly in the folder i chose.

So far all is well, due to problems with all files not being added automatically in EPDM, i save all files to a location outside EPDM, and then copy them into the vault.

The thing i noticed is that all part files SolidWorks has created, are missing the "Default" tab, in the data card view in Windows Explorer. Until i open it in SolidWorks, and just save it.


This, apparently, is the default behavior, but is there something about these files i should be aware of?

Should all files be opened and saved before i check them in? They don't seem to be fully qualified SolidWorks files until rebuilt and saved in SolidWorks.


I appreciate any feedback, thanks in advance

Best regards,

Martin Solem