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    Multiple leaders from one balloon to different parts

    Devin Weston

      I manually number my balloons, due to the way we build our BOMs, so linking to certain parts isn't important. Anyway, I have 2 different solid models that are both under the same P/N for us and I want to drag have 2 leaders coming off the same balloon by CTRL+Clicking. SW used to let you do this, but now a little message appears that says "Leaders cannot attach to different parts".


      If I create the 2nd leader and have it point to the same part, and THEN drag the original leader to the 2nd part, one of the leaders turns mustard color (dangling)..


      Here's the really weird part. If I do like I said in the above sentence, and then change the leader to "multi jog", the mustard color goes away. This doesn't seem right at all, but it is working in my favor. I think it's a bug.


      Anyway, does anyone know a legitimate, non-workaround way of doing this?