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    SW EPDM and NX

    Aaron Godwin

      How does SW EPDM handle NX files?


      We're looking at an upgrade to EDPM and use NX for some stuff so I want to know how that's going to effect us. Do we need a bridge like for Pro-E?


      Thanks in advance...



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          Daniel Andersson

          Most likely that you need a integration software for that. But you may also consider to run Teamcenter with the SWIM (Solidworks) integration. From what I  have seen and experienced, Teamcenter handles SW files well. There is a bit of configuration needed but I guess it is similar to any CAD/PDM integration.  


          Just wanted to point out that option to use Teamcenter since NX was mentioned.

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            Jeremiah Davis

            Hello Aaron,


            EPDM considers NX files to be just that, files. It will not read the references, build the BOM's or build Contains/Where Used information.


            I am sure there are third party applications that will read the information from the files and create this information, but out of the box, EPDM does not do this.