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SolidWorks 2015 Location Labels

Question asked by Kyle Rosenquist on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Matthew Lorono

I love the new Location Label feature in SW2015...almost.  Is there a way to get the sheet and zone into a simple text format with just the sheet number and zone (i.e. 1B2, 3D4, etc.) instead of the balloon and "verbose" options?


I found an ugly workaround by creating a location label, hovering the mouse over it to get the view ID (see image below), and then adding a note with the text <ZONESH viewId=1674><ZONE viewId=1674>, but this is pretty cumbersome.


I've also looked into creating a macro to do this, but haven't found a way to get the viewId number from a selected view (I can only find a way to get the view name, which is useless).  Any thoughts/advice on this?