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    Date for file name

    Dennis Tham

      Files are managed by project directory.


      does it make sense to use vault to keep files organized.


      however, we don't have part number.


      Would using date be a good solution to keep it unque.


      2014110101 Main Frame Assembly

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          Lee CS Young

          I wouldn't recommend using a date because you're going to end up with duplicate file names anyway. (If you make a two brackets on the same day, for example.)


          I would just introduce a part/reference number using a serial number. I.e: 000001 Main Frame Assembly. This could be accomplished using templates.

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              Dennis Tham

              I realized the descrption cannot be part of the part number.


              Our company is a consulting engineer firm.  We don't have part number.

              We don't use vault.  However, vault can track drawing models and drawings and prevent duplication.


              Currently, our drawings are really messy.  Enginners created their assemby and drawings.

              Project Manager have a hard time sorting out which the latest revision.

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                  David Cramer

                  Hi Dennis,


                  My company has created a set of utilities that would provide you a lot of options for standardizing your file naming / numbering convention. You also mentioned that your drawings are pretty messy and that you may have some latest revision challenges, our utilities may be able to help with these issues as well. If you are interested, we are a certified SolidWorks service partner, you can check us out here: SOLIDWORKS .


                  Not everything we do is advertised there, so if you want to discuss this further or if you just want to bounce some ideas off of us, please feel free to reach out using the contact info posted there.



                  David Cramer

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                Fred Bruintjes

                Hello Dennis, when you are using a projectdirectory all the files are at the same place that's OK.

                You could use a file name like : Projectnr-serial eg 140123-00001 etc.(keep track of your serials in Excel, or a macro)

                For revision without a PDM systeem you could make a sub folder called Rev00 and put the files there that have to be changed for revision 01 (Copy the part and the drawing there). In this way you're "Main projectfolder" always contains the latest revision. use the property TAB-builder to put the revision number in a custom property.

                I've implmented this way of working several times, if you need more information contact me at info@optimacad.nl.

                Good Luck

                Fred Bruintjes (CSWP)

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                    Dennis Tham

                    Thank you all.


                    HI Fred, our current system is similar to your suggestion (without PDM).


                    Engineers worried about destroy other people work, so they pack and go into their hard drives.

                    Assembly lost the links and there are several version.  We can forced people to work on the network drive.

                    But people also complain it is too slow for large assembly.

                    Problems don't surface until construction.


                    This is not unque for Solidworks.  Civil 3D files have similar problems.

                    i also suggest using Projectwise to manage the non Solidworks files.