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Will pay £££ for someone to amend parts.

Question asked by Mark Wood on Nov 1, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2014 by Jamil Snead

Hi I'm having major issues with two Soliworks parts. Both are renderings of kites, the first a LEI and the second Ramair. The issue is, as part of a project I must do a ANSYS-Fluent (CFD) simulation on a kite model. I managed to get access to a couple of models, both produced by comercially available software. The specific problem is that Fluent needs its models to be 'closed/solid' structures, so it can calculate volumes.

The individual problems are outlined below;

  1. Ramair kite. This model needs the 'inflation' holes on the front leading edge closed.

Ramair Kite pic.JPG


   2. LEI Kite. This model needs the interfaces between the 'ribs' & the leading edge to be merged, so that they're effectively a single part. Any holes at the ends of both the leading edge &

                    the ribs need to be closed off.                   

LEI Kite pic.JPGI simply don't have the expertise/skills with Solidworks in order to make these corrections. I'm under quite tight time constraints & am therefore willing to pay someone if they can fix these models. If anyone thinks they have the skills/time to manage this, leave a reply & I'll upload a copy of both models. Will obviously discuss fee. Thanks in advance, Mark...