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    Drawing Templates with Configurations

    Chad Hawkenson

      Is there such an option of having a Drawing Template/Sheet controllable by its own configuration. What I mean is a Template or Sheet have multiple configuration itself such as - Prelim, Approv. or whatever name you would like to create. I chose those two as an example of when I create a part for the customer I am water marking the drawing with Preliminary/Review Only. Once it is approved I change the water mark to Customer Approved so the rest of the shop and work flow know that this print is good. This is a bit tedious editing sheet, bringing in new block, exploding, checking behind sheet and edit sheet again. I think sheet configuration built into the template would be very handy when trying to control many things within the drawing with great ease (if there isn't something like this already that I am not aware of).


      Thank you for any ideas or thoughts on this one.