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My SolidWorks and Professional subscriptions

Question asked by Kevin Quigley on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Guest

I Used to use SolidWorks forums regularly but recent changes to the interface and the introduction of MySolidWorks forum have left me cold, to the extent that the confusing interface and forum access via MySolidWorks has left me feeling "life is too short to bother with this rubbish".


today I see SolidWorks are introducing a MySolidWorks Subscription Professional. Now we currently have two active SolidWorks subscriptions (one for SW Standard, one for SW Professional) for which we pay over £2 k a year. So someone please explain what this new professional subscription is and why I need to request a quote to access it? From what I can see so far it offers access to online tutorials such as using helix features, which, frankly, don't cut it for a professional level of tutorial at extra cost.


so, lets cut the crap and be open here. How much is it? Why should a subscription paying customer pay more? What is actually available? Because currently the offer is as clear as mud.