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    New User dialog hangs up...

    Greg Thomson

      Tried to import some users in a vault, and the import process hangs up.  Later I discovered just trying to add a New User manually hangs up.



      Any ideas?

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          Greg Thomson

          Appears this vault was configured for Window login and the account validation process is ultra slow.  The List Users option within the Add Users dialog populates with domain accounts at the rate of about one user per minute.... so will take a day or so to populate with our staff.  Weird.

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              Rick Hombsch



              We are having similar issues with our system. I was wondering if you could give and more details as to how this was resolved or other things you learned from this.




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                  Greg Thomson

                  Hymm, I have a bit of a three part answer...


                  Answer 1 - Basic work around

                  -I would never expand the 'Users' tree.  I would always <Right-Click> and select Open or New User.

                  -When adding New Users, I would just wait-it-out, add who I needed and be done.  Doesn't happen all that often.

                  -I managed all user credentials via Groups not User accounts, so I never had to go into a user's account settings.

                  -This all seemed to be very manageable.


                  Answer 2 - Local Domain

                  -When I ran the EPDM Admin tool on VM on the same network as EPDM, all my problems seem to go away.  The network may however have also been our main corporate network (where Active Directory resides).  I'm not an IT guy, so struggling here a bit to understand myself.  Just know my problems went away.


                  Answer 3 - EPDM 2016

                  -Recently upgraded to 2016 and noticed my problems no longer exists.  So, possibly fixed in 2015 or 2016.  Not sure.




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