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What are the contributing factors that make an assembly file unstable?

Question asked by Kray Shivers on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by Mike Pogue

I cannot seem to find the right post to answer this question. Allow me to expand on this, but first I would like to make one thing very clear! This is NOT an FEA question, this is about opening an assembly files and having it explode on its own. Here is the problem, I had been working on this assembly and one day it was done, at least my part was done. I went to show my supervisor and when I opened the file it had blown itself apart. I cannot recall if the assembly had errors, it wouldn't do any good to look now because it was so long ago and the model has been through some design changes since my part in the project.


Here is what I know: the file was multi-colored, shaded with edges, had lots of purchase components that where down loaded with lots of detail, the engineers most likely didn't use proper mating practices I did my best to use best practices to do my part and save time), there are about 5000 or more parts in the file including fasteners, the files size is right around 100k kb, there is at least 1 circular reference (no matter how many times I rebuilt the rebuild icon wouldn't go away.) I can’t show you the model because it is a new product for our company but I will say that it is a combine so that alone should tell you how deep the assembly structure is.


Having that assembly blow up in front of my supervisor sparked a side project to test some best practices to collect data to back up those practices. The large vague problem is "assembly models are unstable". The only way I have been gauging my test is by using a macro that put the file through a variety of commands and recording the time it took to complete the command. This misleads me to focus on time instead of stability.


The heart of this post is to gather what people think are contributing factor to an assemblies stability. I am convinced that the file size is the root of it all but this project has already produced some weird results so I don't know what to think any more. Please let me know what you guys thing and if there are any ways that you know that I could test for stability. I will state again this has nothing to do with FEA. Thank you for your time and input in this matter.