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    Adding configurations in assembly

    Karlis Banis

      Hello, I have a little problem understanding the interface features of SolidWorks 2014.

      I have an assembly model that I would like to mate in 4 different configurations. All that must be changed are mates and not parts. Then I need to run one and the same flow study for all these configurations.

      I see there are 2 configuration trees already, one for the model and the other one for flow simulation. Neither one let me use different mates for each config. As soon as I change them, they change in all other configs as well. How can I get this correct? Thank you.

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          Jared Conway

          what kind of "mate changes" are you looking to do?


          if for example you have an angle mate, you can configure the dimension and that will be respected by the configurations and also in flow projects


          but in your case you will need 4 configs and 4 flow projects, one flow project per config so that when you chance the config properties, it doesn't affect the others