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Cut list has identical duplicate items

Question asked by Jonathan Burt on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2014 by Stefan Wozniak

My weldment has 9 different items. The problem I'm having is that two of the items are the same. I should have a quantity of 11 of one of the items but it is split into two different items (quanitties of 5 and 6). I have made sure they are in the same feature in the feature manager and then updated my cut list and it is still split into two different items.


This doesn't prevent us from running the job, obviously, but its really annoying and confuses the fabricator because he expects there to be something different between the two items so then he comes to me to ask the question. This wastes time plus its irritating to me to try to detail and document whats going on.


I'm relatively new to SW so I'm hoping there is just something simple I'm over looking. Please help.