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Lofting airfoil sections with twist and changing chord length

Question asked by Shane Smith on Oct 30, 2014
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For my senior design project my group is designing a wind turbine. I've been trying to model the turbine blades in solidworks but I've been having issues getting the loft to work without weird twists happening. I have tried guide curves, and everything I can think of, but nothing is working. I don't understand why the loft doesn't work, the shape slowly changes along the root of the blade, and I've introduced as gradual changes as I can to try to minimize stress concentrations. I'm trying to get an accurate model of my design so I can do FEA on the finished shape with loads determined by BEMT analysis, and if the testing is successful, 3-D print the blade design.


I have defined airfoil curves at 19 sections of the blade, with it morphing from a circle to an ellipse, then the three different airfoils with varying twist and chord length. I have not been able to get the loft to work without it applying additional twist to the shape which would hurt the performance.


Solidworks screenshot.jpg