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    Unable to find a part - Don't show again?

    Charles Culp





      Comments or questions? Would love to see a way to make this option disappear.

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          John Burrill

          Coach Stewart told the 1986 Ocoee Junior Highschool track team of which I was a member,
          "Son-" he always started everything with "Son,"

          "Son, A King sent his sage to to collect all of the worlds knowledge and told him to make a full record of it.  The sage presented the king with a stack of papers as tall as the king.  The King scoffed, "I'm not reading all of that.  Consolidate it."  So the sage spent years creating a digest version of all of the worlds knowledge and presented it to the King as a stack of papers that came up to his waist.

          The King scoffed, "I'm a busy man who's charged with ruling a great people not reading every single fact in existence.  Consolidate it!"

          The sage went off and spent years, reducing the wisdom to it's pure essence and when he returned he presented the king with an ordinary length scroll.  The King Scoffed:  "It would be a waste of my time to read all of that.  90% of the time I make same decision.  Why should I have bother with that much material when I probably won't use most of what's in it.  Go consolidate it and if your next draft is longer than one scentence, it will be to the dungeon with you!"
          The sage, tore off a scrap from the scroll, jotted something on it and handed it to the king.  It said,

          "There's no free lunch"

          Did I mention that Coach Steweart was a Florida redneck?  I'm pretty sure I did.

          The point of the story is that at some point, you have to accept the consequences of not taking the time to read every single nag and dialog warning and the engineers at SolidWorks probably thought that if someone had absolutely no interest in hearing and contemplating their warnings, there's ultimately nothing that can be done to stop them from screwing up their models.  They will find a way and blame the software, whereas guys like you, Charles, will get clear of that checkbox like it had a lit fuse.