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    Download anad Installation Problem

    Alex Marks

      I am attempting to download a student version of Solid Works that is provided by my university, South Dakota State University. I have downloaded the SW Installation manager and made it to the "Download" step, but the files will not download. The files will not download, and trying to download the files manually does not work because the pages that the download links lead to show "Uh-oh, something went wrong! Error Code: 403."


      Anybody know what to do, or if SW is working to fix this issue?

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          Jeff Holliday

          Just checking - did you any other install of SW on this computer - another Student, trial, etc?

          If so, you may need to get rid that info first. Not sure - just a guess.

          Otherwise I would suggest checking with the University.

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            Bill Tucker

            I have just spent the last 4 hours getting the SP 05 update on my computer. What a frustrating mess. Multiple error's and interruptions, never had this problem before with an update. I hope this was a fluke.

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              John Burrill

              what does the installation log say when it's gets to the point where it errors out.  Start at the bottom of the installation log and scroll up until you see "the installation failed" install_log_sample.PNG

              or "download failed" or something like that.  The installation log has your serial number and contact info in it, so don't post the whole thing online.

              The log file will be stored in:

              c:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming\SolidWorks\installation logs\<Solidworks Version>\SummaryIMLog_<datecode>.txt

              BTW, I looked up your Error Code 403 on the knowledge base and the only things I was able to find were indications that the installation manager itself was being blocked from accessing the download files.  From that I think these implications are plausible:
              your internet security tools are keeping the installer from accessing the download locations or your internet security software is quarantining files to scan them for malware, preventing the installer from being able to access them.  The answer is to disable your security software while you're running the installation.  If you want to be sure you're not installing malware, choose the option to download all of the files without running the installer.  Then you can scan the files before running Setup.

              USER account settings on your computer are preventing you from accessing the the location where the files are being downloaded: Either modify your group policy for the download folder, or choose a download folder to which you have read/write access or run the installation as an administrator.

              You have a RAID zero backup configuration and the constant shadow copying is preventing read/write access to the installation files the same way the virus scanner does.  Disable your RAID software, along with any real-time backup or ghosting software