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    Is there an add-on or plugin similar to ScanTo3D to use a 3D dxf point cloud file in SolidWorks?

    Alberto Restrepo

      We have SolidWorks Professional licenses and really don't see the point of upgrading to Premium just for the use of one add-on. We use a Leica 3D Disto to scan environments and then model them to be able to create the parts in context that fit the environments. The scan is in a 3d dxf file format and, if I try to import it directly to SolidWorks, it will remove a lot of the information I need, only leaving 3D curves and no reference points.


      So, I need to find a way to import this information effectively (lines, points, id of the points, etc) and in the right position (it takes the Z axis as the UP direction in the dxf, contary to SolidWorks Y axis as UP; also sometimes the "origin" of the dxf is out of the modeling range, even if the model is not and fits inside the range).


      I would very much welcome any help you can give me as we need to solve this problem with SolidWorks.


      Thyank you!