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Is there an add-on or plugin similar to ScanTo3D to use a 3D dxf point cloud file in SolidWorks?

Question asked by Alberto Restrepo on Oct 30, 2014

We have SolidWorks Professional licenses and really don't see the point of upgrading to Premium just for the use of one add-on. We use a Leica 3D Disto to scan environments and then model them to be able to create the parts in context that fit the environments. The scan is in a 3d dxf file format and, if I try to import it directly to SolidWorks, it will remove a lot of the information I need, only leaving 3D curves and no reference points.


So, I need to find a way to import this information effectively (lines, points, id of the points, etc) and in the right position (it takes the Z axis as the UP direction in the dxf, contary to SolidWorks Y axis as UP; also sometimes the "origin" of the dxf is out of the modeling range, even if the model is not and fits inside the range).


I would very much welcome any help you can give me as we need to solve this problem with SolidWorks.


Thyank you!