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    XYZ Coordinates on Drawing

    Tim Cochrane

      Odd question:


      I would like to select several vertices of parts on a drawing and have those vertices give me an (x,y,z) related to the assembly coordinate system. Is there an easy way to do this?







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          Lenny Bucholz

          make a parametric note in the part file that puts the numbers from dims and then use insert model items in the drawing to use the note...?

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              Tim Cochrane



              That will work. I can't figure out what string to use to pull those points though? I know it is something like "value"@ ????


              Can somebody shed some light?





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                  Josh Brady

                  If I am correctly interpreting your need, you want to make a parts drawing and have it contain information related to the assembly that contains it.


                  To expand upon Lenny's direction:


                  1. Open the assembly and edit the part in-context.

                  2. Create a 3-D sketch. Draw construction lines in the X, Y, and Z directions from the assembly origin to the vertices you want information on.

                  3. Add dimensions on the lengths of those construction lines.

                  4. Open the part in its own window.

                  5. Activate the Note tool and click anywhere in the graphics area to place and begin editing a new note.

                  6. Activate the feature manager flyout and double-click the 3-D sketch to make its dimensions show in the graphics area

                  7. While still editing the note, click each of the reference dimensions to insert them into the note.

                  8. Click anywhere else to finish editing the note.


                  You should now have a note in the part file containing the XYZ info you want.  You can then Insert->Model Items into a drawing and get that note into your drawing.