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    How to simulate circuit with respect to mechanics?

    Anton Kyrychenko

      Hi. My question is in simulation of circuit electricity logic, with respect to mechanics - is it possible in solidworks? For example I have an AVR, and I wrote some code for it, and this code make motor move with some logic. Is it possible to create/import such circuit in solidworks, connect some mechanics to motor and run mechanics simulation AND circuit simulation, with respect to logic of AVR - I mean, consider example when there is some timing, and rotating motor for some degree with respect to it, so whole system simulation should follow this circuit/code logic? Circuit simulation is basically what proteus ISIS or similar can do - but I want to see all system in action, with all mechanical parts. Maybe import simulation from proteus to the solidworks. Or, as far as I understand, there is a project called "cosimate", for creating multiple simulation? I just didn't found such examples in lectures, so if there any way to do that, will be appreciated for an example or tutorial, thanks.