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I am Looking for an experienced SolidWorks user studying Inventor.

Question asked by Orest Yavtushenko on Oct 30, 2014

I am learning SolidWorks and looking for somebody who is experienced in SolidWorks and studying Inventor.

I am quite pro and experienced in Inventor (6 years and 14 years with AutoCAD).

I have number of complex machine projects made in Inventor.

I wish I could have few consultations to make things move faster compare to tutorials in exchange for

similar help from my side.


Regarding Inventor: I can help with all possible techniques of making parts, creating complex assemblies,

Demote, Derived parts, use of Content Center parts, constraints, creating  iParts and iAssemblies,

creating custom content center libraries of parts and Frame Generator profiles (for example
aluminum profile library), Sheet Metal, detailed drawing of parts and assemblies, detailed BOMs,

Frame generator, Synchronous belt  generator, Gears generator, Material and Appearance,

creation custom Material and Appearance libraries, Styles and custom Styles,

linked parameters (depended parts and assemblies), LOD and substitutions, Drive constraint, Find,

Position, Contact set , basic Dynamic Simulation, surfaces alterations, Design Assistant, Task Scheduler, setup
Inventor interface, custom Templates.