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Can a graphics body be used to locate parts in an assembly?

Question asked by Chris Dordoni on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by Ingvar Magnusson

I want to use the graphics body for a visual reference, not for mates or to generate a layout.


I have a graphics body in a part file that is from a 3D scan. I also have the base part in the part file that is located where I want it in relation to the scan. When I open the part file in the assembly, the part is not in the same relationship to the graphics body as it was when I created the part, and using the Move tool in the assembly indicates it cannot move the part.


I guess I could try adding a Move as the last feature of the part, and then see if I could change the move distance to match the location of the graphics body after I place it in the assembly.


Unless anyone has any better ideas?