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    Can't dimension overall slot length

    Bill Hopcraft

      I'm working on a part where there are numerous slots, all alike.  In the part document, I created one slot and then used a linear feature pattern to generate all of the others.  I need to dimension the width and overall length of the slot in the drawing for the part.  If I click both arcs with Smart Dimensioning active, as expected I get the center-to-center distance.  However, when I then move to the "Leaders" tab, there is only one "Arc Condition" option available, so there doesn't seem to be a way to get the overall slot length.  I've also tried bringing in the dimension with DimXpert.  With this method I get the overall length that I'm looking for, but the dimension is applied to the parent feature which is in an awkward place on the drawing.  What's my best option for getting the dimension that I want?