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    Align dimension

    Ezra Tamsky

      How do you make what they call in ACAD an aligned dimension? Just a dimension in an angular direction, not a dimension aligned to another one or a measurement of an angle. SW can't seem to figure out that I don't want the measurement along the x or y axis nor do I want to measure the angle.



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          Kelvin Lamport

          An image of what you want would help.


          If using the Smart Dimension tool, usually the placement of a dimension is controlled by cursor location. Drag the cursor around to obtain the desired position in the preview, and then click to place.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I Googled AutoCAD aligned dimension, and I'm still not sure what you mean.  As Kelvin said, a screenshot would help.


            If you're trying to measure a line or edge that's at an angle, then click on the line, and (again, as Kelvin said) it depends on where you have your cursor when placing the dimension.  If you move it away from the line approximately perpendicular to the line, you will get the actual line length, and not it's length along the X or Y axis.

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              Ezra Tamsky

              Okay. I've got it now. It was choking on my selection of the centermarks of two holes that were aligned on an angle.The centermarks themselves were aligned on the X and Y which is maybe why it insisted on "straight" dimensions. When I just selected the hole outlines, it did what I wanted.

              Problem solved. Thanks for the response.

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                David Suelflow

                When you get the dimension you want, right click to lock it.  Then you can move your cursor anywhere you want to place it with a left click.