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Part goes invisible.

Question asked by Karlis Banis on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by Karlis Banis

Hey all, thanks for all the previous help, really appreciate it.

I have a new problem now, I was working on a prototype part and come to a point where I had to delete one of five solid bodies. After I did so with a body delete feature, my whole part went invisible. I freaked out a bit and deleted the feature to undo it. It still stayed invisible. I can see the outline of the part when I hover above it, but it acts as a hidden body. I have searched across goolge for this and the problem everyone seems to be having is that they have accidentally hidden one of the features in the feature tree. Everyone but me that is.. All my features are shown, all my bodies are shown, and roll back / suppress solves nothing. This is really frustrating please help me I need this part. I will try to attach the file. It was created in SW 2014.