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Tangent lines appear and then will not dissapear

Question asked by Brian Bourgoin on Oct 28, 2014

I am running eDrawings Professional/publisher for Creo 2.0.  We have been using it for years mainly as a rendering tool for our sales group to show new 3D concepts.  This was the best option a few years ago since it took so long for PTC to get on the 3D image bandwagon.  I am not a fan of adobe 3D PDF or the new PTC solution and our sales group is used to edrawings so we are sticking with this solution.


We recently upgraded to Creo 2.0, 64bit and we had to buy new seats of eDrawings 2014 to publish.  Everything works the same as it has in the past with one new (and increasingly annoying) glitch.  When I publish the eDrawings file, objects are fully shaded with no tangent lines - no problems.   When the eDrawing file is opened (with my seat of professional OR by someone just using the viewer), the models looks the same as when it was published.  However, once anything in the model tree is changed (hide object, show object, make an object transparent, ...), tangent lines appear in shade mode.  The tangent lines remain ON until I close out of the file and reopen. There does not seem to be a setting to turn them off in the viewer (or in my seat of professional eDrawings).  Since we have been using ProE/eDrawings for years, this is a new "bug" and diminishes the purpose when our sales group is giving a visual presentation since the tangent lines wind up being a distraction.


I have not gotten anywhere with the official tech support. Their only suggestion was to reload the latest version, which I just did and the problem persists.


Any help would be appreciated.