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How to set "independant axis" in equation driven curves

Question asked by Gustaf Enebog on Oct 27, 2014

SHORT VERSION OF QUESTION: How do I choose which axis in a sketch , e.g. x- or y- axis,
should be the axis for the independent variable that is denoted by x in the “Equation
driven curve property manager”.


LONG VERSION OF QUESTION: When I make an equation driven curve (Equation type:
Explicit) the SolidWorks “Equation driven curve property manager” uses x to
denote the independent variable and y to denote the dependent variable.


This is all fine but when I make a sketch in a random plane I don’t seem to get to
choose which axis to be the axis for the independent/variable. So if I sketch
in the y-z-plane the Equation driven curve seems to default to a certain dependent
and independent variable (the independent x seems to be along the z-dim and the
dependent variable y along the y dim)


I want to be able to choose if the independent variable (denoted by x) should be: x- the or
y-axis if I sketch in the x-y-plane, y- or the z-axis if I are sketching in the
y-z-plane and x- or the z-axis if I am sketching in the x-z-plane.


I can of course just get the curve in there and then move it (require rotation and maybe
translation) to where I want but it feels I SHOULD not need to do that + it
might be difficult in editing with design tables etc.


I can of course also rewrite the equation but that complicates things.


thankful for any hints!