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    Creating a message window

    Scott Baugh

      Is there away to create message window within EPDM when a file changes State?


      I don't want a message to appear in their inbox, I need an actual message to appear on the screen when the state changes as a reminder to update \ export certain file types that unfortunately cannot be exported (Run Task - 3D DXF ) from what it seems. I tried using Dispatch along with a Data Card (DC) variable to help trigger the message. However nothing appears to occur. What am I overlooking or is this not possible either?

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          Jim Sculley

          This and your original request to automatically export the 3D DXF are both possible by creating a custom add-in for EPDM.  For example, I have an add-in that generates a new PDF for drawings when they enter the 'Approved' state in our workflow.  This ensures that the PDF is always up-to-date.  I would call this an intermediate level programming task, and if you don't have any programming experience, it may be challenging for you. 


          Having a dialog pop up is a simpler programming task, but not as reliable since the user can simply dismiss it without actually having done the necessary export.


          Jim S.

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