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Sheet metal - Normal Cut Issues

Question asked by David Cope on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by David Cope

I have a cylinder which has been rolled in sheet metal which is from a pressure vessel (Industrial Boiler).


If I then extrude cut a circular hole which is offset from the centre-line, I find that the cut in the cylinder is incorrect and is closer to a "figure of 8". I have spoken to the enhancement requests team and have been brushed aside as apparently " not enough other customers have this issue to address it". My issue is that this is a fundamental problem with CAD not providing a realistic scenario for manufacture which is critical in the field I work in. If I can't depend on CAD giving me accurate results in some instances, how am I to trust anything it spits out?


Take a look at the CAD provided and see the results. Try this on your Solidworks and if people can let me know whether this is an issue across the board - this concerns me as we know, if the CAD is incorrect, there is no chance of manufacturing a product accurately.


Please can someone look at this and let me know if anyone has a quick work-around.