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    Copying and pasting a 3d sketch

    David Boydston


      I was given a base part from a customer and it has a WEEE symbol embossed in it. They want me to re-use that symbol in a different part that we are designing. I am trying to transfer the logo from their piece to mine. However it is a 3D Sketch in their piece and whenever I copy-paste it, it goes into a different plane (its own plane). Even if I edit the plane, the sketch itself is not where I would like it to be. I cant find a way to make this work. Any help would be greatly appreciated:


      I want the symbol to be horizontal not vertical, also I want it to be on the face of the connector, not perpendicular to it.

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          Jeremy Feist

          if it is on a flat face in the original part, make a new sketch on that face and convert entities from the sketch - then you should be able to take the new sketch and copy it over to the new part. or better yet, select all of it and make it a block, save it out and you can use it just about anywhere.

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              David Boydston

              Thank you for the quick reply Jeremy,

              I tried converting it to a block already and I get the same results. Whenever I pull it out form the library it always puts it in a certain orientation, like if its references were fixed somehow. I can rotate it, but I cant change its plane which is the main problem I am having. I will try converting the entities for now, I'll see how it goes. Thank you

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              Lenny Bucholz

              open the 3d sketch, rubber band around all the geometry so it is selected, Control C, have 2D sketch open in another part and Control V, now move the geom to where you want it located in the new sketch, close it, by the way now its a 2d sketch not a 3d sketch.


              now in the tree select the sketch, Control C then go to the part you need it in pick the face you want it on and Control V.


              sketch is now there just have to place it or mirror it or or or .


              or you can create a extrusion in its own part, then insert an part in a part, the use the move\copy body and pace it where you want it, the use the combine tool to subtract it trash can into the face or add to have it embossed.


              many ways to skin the cat.... even library feature would help if you use this alot.