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Discussion created by Brett Anderson on Apr 10, 2007
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I am in the market to upgrade my machine. In a quest for greaterperformance, I would like to improve my flexibility by getting alaptop.  I do not travel often, but I would like to be able tobring my designs to a conference room for presentations and to beable to work from home more easily.  I need to be able tojustify this decision.  Are there any benchmarks that I canrun on my current machine and compare them to other machines? 

It would be great if users could download a standard part, performa rebuild and report back statistics such as how long it took torebuild.  This would provide a solid metric for our systemperformance.  Does something like this already exist? Performance questions come up all the time.  It would benice to see real numbers to represent power and speed.  Inautomotive terms, there are dynos and butt dynos.  All we havehere are butt dynos.  

Is there a good way to tell if my processor is the weak link or ifmy memory is being used up?

Obviously, The real question is, "How will a M90 compare towhat I am using now and will a 370 blow that away?"

Most of what I do is part and  assembly design.  Myassemblies have up to 1000 total components and parts can haveup to 250 features and be 50Mb.  I am on SW 2007.  Soonafter installing 2007, my motherboard burned up and was replacedunder warranty.  I am not convinced that it is running as wellas it had been, but  that could be 2007 talking.

Currently I am working on a:
Dell Precision 370, P4,  3.4 GHz, 2G ram, Quadro FX 3400

Dell M90 laptop
Intel® Coretm 2 Duo Processor T7200(2.00GHz/667MHz/4MB) 
FX 2500M
2 GB ram
80 G drive, 7200 rpm


390 workstaion with 'the works'

Thanks everyone, I know you can help

Sorry for the repetitive questions, but I did not see anydesktop/laptop comparisons in my searches.