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How to best distinguish Circuits from Terminals

Question asked by Julian Scharf on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by Daniel Myers


Can some people share their methodologies of when to use circuits and when to use terminals?

I come from a mechanical engineering background and we primarily use the software to leverage the 3D routing aspect which explains my limited understanding.


I would think that the only time you would not have a unique circuit for a terminal is when it is on the same equipotential of a part, is this correct?


A controlling solid state relay would have 2 circuits with 2 terminals each, because the high current and low current passes are on the same equipotential.

What about a simple 3 pin wall plug? Obviously Earth gets it's own circuit, but what about Live and Neutral? Would they separate terminals, but on the same circuit or not?


Any guidance on what others are doing?