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Design Table is automatically changing my values!

Question asked by Roy Dean on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by David Eastwood

Description of problem:


1)  I have four configurations in the design table.

2)  Each configuration has 5 columns:  Part number (config number), H (height), W (width), OD (OD of part), and a custom property "description"

3)  No matter what values I put in H, W, or OD... all the configurations display identically as the first configuration.

4)  When I go into the design table, the table briefly shows the correct values, then the excel screen "blinks" (flickers), and the values are updated as all identical to the first configuration.

5)  The values that I WANT are located off to the right in a "stand alone" table (not used by the design table).

6)  I've copied and pasted the correct values into the design table at least 10 times in a row, and each time no geometry changes occur, and when re-opening the design table, the values automatically update to match the first config.

7)  I've tried linking the design table values to the cell values in the "stand alone" table, and in this case, the values in the design table DO NOT automatically change back to match the first configuration, but there are still NO geometry differences in the actual model


Any clue?  This problem has popped up before (SW automatically changing values to match the value of the very first config), but generally I replace the values with the correct ones ONCE, and the problem is rectified....   In the case above, no amount of editing the values seems to help.... every time I open the design table, the values are all changed to match the first listed config.


I've sent a copy of the file to my VAR, and it they can't figure it out... I'll post it here (it's just a simple gasket)... but I'd appreciate any advice until then.   Thanks.