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    material column on weldment cut list table not linking correctly from part to drawing (???)

    Dave Krum

      Hi All,

      I am stumped trying to figure out why the material property is not linking with the drawing for items in a weldment cut list.  In my part, each cut list item is set properly for the material but when I go to insert the weldment cut list table on the drawing, the material column doesn't show (in fact the code is trying to link it to a length....).  Is this a known issue that was maybe fixed in later versions as I'm using SW2010?  Seems to me that this should be simple.  I normally only use the custom property box to set stuff for linking to the drawing (material & weight mainly to my title block info), but was curious this time if a material column would show properly if set in the part in the cut list item area (in case not cut list items are the same for example).  Not sure what's going on.  Is there something I'm missing?  I've attached both the part and the drawing.  I have a custom weldment cut list table but not sure if that would matter as I'm seeing the same issue when inserting the standard SW cut list table on the drawing and picking my view for the table.  Thanks in advance!