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    feature driven array from within an assy using driving features/parts from and in a sub assy(s) in Solidworks 2013

    Victor Sardinas



        Question? Is there a way to array a part in assy 2, from feature driven array of part in assy 1, from within assy 3.




      1)     Top level assy 3 has a Chassis (assy 1) and PCBA (assy 2) 

      2)     Chassis in assy 1 has a feature driven array for reliefs

      3)     PCBA to have lamps patterned using reliefs of assy 1


      feature driven array.bmp




      1)     Insert the Chassis part file in the PCBA assy

      2)     Edit part properties to exclude from BOM

      3)     Use feature drive array from the part

      4)     Hide the part and leave it in the PCBA assy


      This does not seem to be the proper or correct way to do this, but I know of no other way.


      Thank you again for your time and effort...




      Victor M Sardinas

        • Re: feature driven array from within an assy using driving features/parts from and in a sub assy(s) in Solidworks 2013
          Daen Hendrickson



          I might recommend the use of a saved sketch block or a datum part to drive the locations of the chassis reliefs and the lamp locations.


          Sketch Block - Create a sketch on the face of your chassis plate with points that locate the lamp and relief centers. Also edit the insertion point to coincide with a repeatable location in both parts (chassis and PCBA) - such as the corner of the plate. Create a block from the sketch. Save the block to an external file. Insert the block sketch into the PCB part. I would also recommend inserting it back into the chassis part. Perhaps this is redundant but it helps clarify design intent later.


          Datum Part - Similar to the sketch block but more stable. In a new part, create the sketch described above. This sketch will be the ONLY feature in the part. Ensure that the location of the sketch is such that the part is easily located later on (for instance, centered about the origin). Create your chassis part. Insert the datum part into the chassis part. Locate the reliefs based on the datum sketch locations. Repeat the process for the PDBA part.


          Now for the less-than-ideal work around. Assemblies do not offer sketch-driven patterns so we have to use the feature driven patterns. The feature driven pattern will recognize hole wizard features and PATTERNED features in the part. So on the PCBA Part, you will need to create a feature - such as a shallow cut - in the location of the first lamp. You will then need to create a sketch of points located at the remaining lamp locations. These points should be located off the sketch block created above. Next create a sketch driven pattern of the locating feature and the points sketch.


          You now have a patterned feature that you can use in the assembly. However, you have a feature in your part than may not be design intent. You can restore your PCBA part with a feature that is the opposite of initial feature. If you used a shallow cut, create an extrude up to surface.


          You can now place a single lamp in your PCBA Assembly at the initial location and you can pattern that lamp with a feature based pattern.


          If location changes are required, all that is needed is to update either the block sketch or the datum part sketch depending on technique followed. Again, I would recommend the datum part sketch method only because dimensions in saved blocks seems to vanish if you ever need to perform edits.


          All this work around may be more effort than your current method.


          I don't know if sketch driven patterns in assemblies has been submitted as an enhancement request.