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feature driven array from within an assy using driving features/parts from and in a sub assy(s) in Solidworks 2013

Question asked by Victor Sardinas on Oct 26, 2014
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  Question? Is there a way to array a part in assy 2, from feature driven array of part in assy 1, from within assy 3.




1)     Top level assy 3 has a Chassis (assy 1) and PCBA (assy 2) 

2)     Chassis in assy 1 has a feature driven array for reliefs

3)     PCBA to have lamps patterned using reliefs of assy 1


feature driven array.bmp




1)     Insert the Chassis part file in the PCBA assy

2)     Edit part properties to exclude from BOM

3)     Use feature drive array from the part

4)     Hide the part and leave it in the PCBA assy


This does not seem to be the proper or correct way to do this, but I know of no other way.


Thank you again for your time and effort...




Victor M Sardinas