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Creating a boundary surface between multiple edges

Question asked by Alex Ramsay on Oct 26, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by Matt Gortner



I am attempting a model the top half of a car roof box as part of an aerodynamic analysis exercise, and I am struggling to complete the last element (I think) of surface modelling. I have lofted surfaces to create the shape going over the top, and have also created a base surface underneath, with the intention of knitting all surfaces together to form a shell.


However, I am not particularly clued-up on surfaces and I cannot seem to be able to form a surface down each side of the roof box, from the shape over the top to the base surface. I have tried lofting and boundary surface and both produce awful geometries.


I would appreciate some help on the matter, and I have attached the .sldprt file as screenshots do not show the problem easily.


Thank you