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Problem with pasted cross sections (Loft wont work)?

Question asked by Mark Wood on Oct 26, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2014 by Mark Wood

Hi I'm very new to SW so pls bare with me. I'm trying to produce 3-4 relativley simple kite models, as part of a Hons project. Each with a different 'flat projected area', rectangular, elliptical & triangular. I'd planned on sketching the planform outline, inserting perpendicular planes & pasting on NACA foils (scaled). To get the final curve I was going to use the 'twist' function.

I think my airfoils, even though they look connected are in fact not. Any specific instructions on inserting cross sections (curve through xyz) onto perpendicular planes, to create geometry for a loft would be welcome.

Here's a couple of pics so far...

  1. Pre-Loft:

Sketch pre loft.JPG

    2.   Rebuild Errors:

Rebuild Errors.JPG