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Configurations and custom property number size limit

Question asked by Paul Wyndham on Oct 24, 2014

Lets see if I can explain what I am trying to do and then see if I can explain the issue I am running into.


I have a configured part with about 165 configurations. We have a part number for the configurations that consists of 12 digits, lets say 123456789012 for example.

When I create the configuration I add the number as the BOM name. Then I add the design table and set some dimensions to be config specific.


Next I attempt to add the 12 digit number to the design table and it changes the format to Scientific Notation and truncates the number.


That's fine I set the column to number format with no decimal places.



Get all of the Configurations entered.



SolidWorks is already stating to truncate the BOM Names



Oops, forgot to slide the table slider to the right to enter the configuration info

Also re-entered the BOM name so that it would be the 12 digits instead of the Scientific Notation.



The reason I have the 12 digit number and the part number is because I want to use the Configuration Publish and have not figured out how to get the $PARTNUMBER to be available in it.



Creating the layout. Then Checkout the Preview. Oh, truncated.



Maybe I need to change the 12 Digit type from Test to Number in the custom properties.



But SolidWorks immediately changes the 12 digit number to 2147483647.

close and reopen custom properties the value has fully changed to the evaluated value.



So I either get a wrong value that is the same for all configs or I get a truncated value that is the same for all configurations.



I can get it correct on the part.


But the configure component table is messed up.



Any ideas