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How do I call the "Save View As..." function on a drawing view with api?

Question asked by Jerry Wolverton on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by Jerry Wolverton

There was a new feature released in 2014 (if I remember correctly) that allows me to activate a view in a drawing and in its property manager pane there is an option to "Save View As..."  This was designed for saving dxf/dwg files for waterjetting and laser cutting.  I would like to add this function to one of my automated processes but can't find an api that calls a saveas on a view.  I attached a screenshot of the "Save View As..." button.


Does anyone know where to find this, or if it is even possible?




SolidWorks 2014 (sp4) and looking to early adopt 2015.

Save View As.PNG