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Looking for examples of holes you cannot create with Hole Wizard

Question asked by Jody Stiles Employee on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Meredith Lewis

Hi all,


I'm looking for your help.  Hole Wizard has a finite number of predefined hole and slot types and those types have a finite number of options resulting in, yes, you guessed it, a finite number of combinations.  I'd like to know what holes/slots you have needed (or continue to need) that you either start with Hole Wizard and then add another feature on to or use other features entirely to create.


There are several Enhancement Requests on the subject that I am aware of:

SPR 160559 - Ability to create far side counterbores as well as counterbores whose depth dimension is defined from the through side edge to the counterbore bottom

SPR 534037 - Add standard square holes to hole wizard library

SPR 539727 – Provide ability to link values for near-side and far-side countersink on holes

SPR 543311 – It should be possible to define customized calculations for thread depth in hole wizard

SPR 552146 – In the hole wizard, provide an option 'up to Surface' for Thread termination

SPR 556736 – Ability to create flat bottom holes with the Hole Wizard.

SPR 609039 - Ability to independently control the precision of hole depth, hole diameter, and thread from document properties ( hole wizard decimal place )

SPR 618331 - Add a both ends option for hole wizard where the near side end condition can be automatically applied to the far side on through (thru) holes

SPR 637111 – Hole Wizard should have an option to create a counterbored or countersunk threaded (tapped) hole in one step

SPR 753353 - Ability to create Hole Wizard slots with flat ( square ) ends


Please provide an image along with your reply so that it is clearly understood what the limitation is that you are running into.  Please provide how often you run into this limitation and if the limitation is just for a single size or application of if it is for varying sizes or applications.


Thanks for helping with my research and making the product better.