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Question asked by Simon González on Oct 24, 2014

Dear all,


We are currently using Solidworks 2012 Enterprise EPDM and basically have two important states, Production and Prototype, for all the components: assembly, part and drawing. Production revisions are A, B, C, ..., etc, and Prototype revisions are based on the current production revision, it means A.01, A.02, or B.01, ..., etc.


We are having the following problem: if a user wants to modify a part, which was A revised, makes the modifications so it is changed to A.01 revision, but another user who uses the same part, when he loads his assembly, he gets the prototype revision of the part.


Is there a way to, automatically load the latest production revision and not get the prototype revision? I don't mean the latest version, I mean the lates production version. The prototype revision might be B.02, but I'd like to automatically load revision B.


Thanks for your help.