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    error after meshing

    yaniv levy

      Hello to all.

      I'm new in here soI'll make my question clear as possible.


      I'm usingCosmosWorks 2007.

      I'm trying to mesha 6 part assembly in frequency analysis.

      The problem isthat I have two errors that are inconsistent.

      1. After meshing iscomplete the assembly appears exploded.(pic 3)
      2. After meshing iscomplete I have a message  "mesh and model volumes aresignificantly different" and when I proceed  to see themeshed assembly one of the parts is missing .(pic 1-2)

      What do yourecommend?


        • error after meshing
          David Arthur
          What kind of contact conditions are you using between the parts? Default is bonded.

          I've had similar problems occur when there was a problem meshing one of the components in the assembly. Try looking for sliver surfaces or small features that would require a very fine mesh in areas. Also, check to see if there is interference between components. If there is, eliminate it. Simplify the model by supressing less important features like fillets, unimportant small features, and features away from high stress areas and retry meshing. Once you have simplifed it enough to get the assembly to mesh properly you can start unsuppressing features and remeshing untill the problem comes back. Also, watch for curved surfaces tangent to flat surfaces. They sometimes cause problems.

          If you continue to have problems, zip the assembly up and post it. I'll look at it and see if I can help.
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              yaniv levy

              By now I figured out that the cause of theproblem is:

              1. Changing features in the parts and remeshingthe assembly in the same study instead of making new study.
              2.  As you mentioned, small featuresinterrupting the mesher.


              David, thank you very much.


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                  David Arthur
                  You're welcome.
                    • error after meshing
                      Vince Adams
                      Actually you may have run across an elusive bug in 2007 where the parts appear to reposition themselves after a mesh is complete. I've documented several occurences but once you hear the fix, you'll understand why it has been hard to track down. If parts seem to move after a mesh is completed, save the model, close the file and re-open it. The parts are back in their proper position and it doesn't seem to repeat on the same model ever again! The parts aren't actually moving, its a display thing but if you don't save-close-open, the results will be correct but the parts will display in the wrong position, thus appearing incorrect. Watch for this.

                      As far as the mesher missing a part after a change, make sure you Update Components in the RMB options on the Study name. This picks up most of the changes.

                      If anyone else has seen this "mysterious" moving parts after mesh problem, can you let me know via my e-mail below? I've only heard from a few of us but I have to believe more are out there.

                        • error after meshing
                          Troy Higgins

                          Vince, I sent you anE-Mail explaining my situation. and I can't do a fatigue studyat all, it just keeps crashing to desktop, esp when I mesh.

                          One more thing I hope someone can help me with is I can't seem tofind the S-N Curve check box, it doesn't seem to appear in thematerials dialog box.

                          Does anyone know whereit's located?

                          I'm using SolidWorksOffice Premium 2007 SP2.2