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Unusual high temperature in a heat exchanger flow simulation

Question asked by Darren Eagle on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hi All,

I'm doing some comparative thermal flow sims of a few pneumatic extruded heat ex-changers submerged in water and I'm get some unusual temperatures.



Analysis type - External


External fluid - water (default), 2 deg C, 1.01 bar (atmos) pressure (with a 0.25 m/s flow in Y)


Internal fluid - air     inlet; Environ pressure; -14 deg C, 10 bar

                             outlet; Static pressure; 2 deg C, 1.01 (atmos)


Material - Aluminium, 300 mm long


1st heat ex-changer with a hollow inner tube;

Analysis seems ok

24-10-2014 GLR HS 1586 mid plane x section temp.png24-10-2014 GLR HS 1586 x section temp.png


2nd heat ex-changer analysis;

It's very warm in the center shaft, approx 10.5 deg C. Should it go over the ambient temperature of 2 deg C?

24-10-2014 GLR HS 783 mid plane x section temp.png24-10-2014 GLR HS 783 x section temp.png