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    Unusual high temperature in a heat exchanger flow simulation

    Darren Eagle

      Hi All,

      I'm doing some comparative thermal flow sims of a few pneumatic extruded heat ex-changers submerged in water and I'm get some unusual temperatures.



      Analysis type - External


      External fluid - water (default), 2 deg C, 1.01 bar (atmos) pressure (with a 0.25 m/s flow in Y)


      Internal fluid - air     inlet; Environ pressure; -14 deg C, 10 bar

                                   outlet; Static pressure; 2 deg C, 1.01 (atmos)


      Material - Aluminium, 300 mm long


      1st heat ex-changer with a hollow inner tube;

      Analysis seems ok

      24-10-2014 GLR HS 1586 mid plane x section temp.png24-10-2014 GLR HS 1586 x section temp.png


      2nd heat ex-changer analysis;

      It's very warm in the center shaft, approx 10.5 deg C. Should it go over the ambient temperature of 2 deg C?

      24-10-2014 GLR HS 783 mid plane x section temp.png24-10-2014 GLR HS 783 x section temp.png