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    EPDM Search in a web application causing timeout

    Nathan Cunningham

      We currently have Solidworks EPDM 2014 and while we have a few ASP.Net windows applications that run successfully using the EPDM.Interop.epdm and emodel viewer we are try to use the EPDM.Interop.epdm to do searching via a web based ASP.Net application. We are currently using ASP.Net 4.0 and just doing  a basic simple search in the code below. It will run fine through my local without any problems but when I put it out on an actual server it just spins and eventually times out. Yes there is a local EPDM view on the server and it is 2014 just the same as it is on my local machine. Am I missing something here as to why it wont work on a different server?


                      String strPath = "";

                      IEdmSearch5 Search;

                      IEdmSearchResult5 Result;

                      EdmVault5 con;




                      con = Connection;

                      Search = Connection.CreateSearch();




                      // Search.FileName = strMachine.ToString();

                      Search.AddVariable("OEM Company", strOEM);

                      Search.AddVariable("OEM Model", strMachine);

                      Search.AddVariable("Part Type", "PLAY");

                      Search.FileName = "%.pdf";

                      Result = Search.GetFirstResult();

                      if (Result != null)


                          String strFile = Result.Path.ToString();



                          if (strFile.Contains("Final Art File"))


                              strPath = Result.Path.ToString();





                      return strPath.ToString();