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Save a 2D sketch to a .dxf file without going into drawing mode?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by JOHN GEORGE

Hello All,

Quick question.  From looking around on here, the best solution (only solution?) to save a 2D sketch to a .dxf file is to Ctrl C / Ctrl V into a new drawing, then save as a .dxf from there?  I have some sketches for bevel tests on our burning machine which do not need to be extruded to 3d, I only need the profile sketch to be saved in the dxf format.  Instead of drawing the sketch in Autocad, I prefer to draw in SW. I've tried the following with no luck (and without going into the drawing module which apparently is the only solution):

1. sketched profile with interior construction lines then extruded outer perimeter of profile to thickness, then hid extrusion feature so only sketch shows, then try dxf'ing but the screen only shows black since I'm thinking the extrude feature is hidden

2.  same as above but with extrusion feature showing instead of hidden, but then when I go to dxf out, I do not see the sketch containing the interior construction lines even though the sketch is set for "show"; the only visible lines in the .dxf file are the outer perimeter lines.  I've attached the part file which shows the profile of what I'm trying to save as a .dxf file. I have the sketch set to show and the extrude feature set to hide.


Please advise if there is something I'm missing.  Thanks!