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Question asked by Ian Schmidt on Apr 9, 2007
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I have been reading these forums for some time now. So fareverything I've needed to know has been discussed and solved orexplained... but I've run out of ideas here...

I am the IT tech at our company and I have been dealing with theengineers for about two months now with general stability and speedproblems with SW2007. Many issues have been solved with network andserver speeds however the "Large Assembly Models" they keepreferring to, keep crashing SW and we're running out of ideas.


The issues seem to be memory related. The working size of themodels is starting to get up around the 1.3-1.6 GB in memory. Iused the /3GB fix and this did give SW a few more MB's to play withbut it used them up and crashed just the same.


The workstation I'm working with right now is: P-D, 3.2Ghz with3GB of RAM. The 3GB of RAM was a recent upgrade from 2GB. Thisagain, gave a bit more memory to SW, but in the end, didn't solveour problem.


I'm starting to think that we are just simply getting to closeto the 32bit memory barrier of 2GB (in theory)


I have also noticed, as far as I can tell. What our engineersare calling "Large Assembly Models" are in fact vary large.


The current model has:

Total components: 11993

Parts: 10363

Unique Parts: 632


Sub-Assemblies: 1630

Unique Sub-Asseblies: 249


Resolved Components: 11993


So... questions are:


Should I be upgrading the engineering computers up toWindowsXP-64?

Are these models something that SW2007 can handle?

Is there anyone else who is coming up against these issues?

I'm starting to see patterns that indicate a memory leak in thesoftware. It anyone else seeing evidence of this as well?


The current service pack is 2.2


Thank you