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Best way to implement PLC's into the schematic

Question asked by John Ethridge on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Maximilian Kubicki

Some background info, I'm using SolidWorks Electrical 2014. Our department is currently thinking about transitioning to SWE from AutoCADe and we have been using the 2D Schematic version of SWE. This is my first time using SWE and SolidWorks in general in almost 5 years.


How do you guys implement PLC's and IO modules into a line diagram in your schematics? I've tried to use the PLC manager under the "Project" tab, but my IO cards appear in plain symbols that I can only edit if I add to the symbol library, which then limits the amount of terminals that can be placed on that symbol. I've been inserting everything (PLC's and IO modules) as PLC's (from the Schematic tab) and pretty much disregarding the PLC and IO manager. I've edited the aesthetics of what I want the symbol to look like in the PLC drawing window under Project Configurations, but I can see my way of implementing causing problems down the road because I'm labeling the terminals in the parts manager, and they won't necessarily always have the same labels (ie O:1/05 or O:2/05 depending on how many cards are added in).


Also, I'm trying to tell the wires to use the IO address first, before looking to the page/row # as their wire # through an equation in the wire styles manager, and that is turning into a headache. Almost as big of a headache as finding a work around for the equivalent of a viewport (model/paper space) in AutoCAD.


Any thoughts or comments are appreciated!