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    Folders in Enterprise PDM

    Henrik Pedersen

      Folder icons in navigation pane are white document icons not green folder icons. How to soluse that

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          Abby Dawkins

          These are local files.  This is usually because you do not have access to these files.  I often login with different logins - one admin that can see everything and one a regular user that doesn't have access to some folders.  When I login as the admin, all folders are green.  When I login as the regular user the ones I don't have EPDM access to are white and I can't see any of the files in them.  Maybe you have a permissions issue?

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            Faur Arama


            As I saw in your image those folders are not local. I think there is an issue with your epdm client installation or in windows.

            If those folders are local also in explorer main window are not green.