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How to proceed? Design table, configurations, top to down & EPDM?

Question asked by Raul Borobio on Oct 22, 2014
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I'm designing the following assembly (see attached).

The product has 5 models, but those models have 2 possible lengths (Type A/B), it also can be right/left (L/R) and according to the wind direction (AB/ZU).


Then, we have 5*2*2*2=40 configurations for this product. As you can see at the image, it's a simple assembly with a housing, a top cover, a front cover and a back cover.


Previously I was designing on Solid Edge and the metod I was used to work was top-to-down designing driven by a .xls worksheet. It was a quick and simple way to work, but now we have moved to SolidWorks and EPDM. Our reseller suggested me to allways work with configurations but I think It's a tedious way for designing this type of assemblies.


How would you design this?


If I design it by a top-to-down design, I found two ways for doing it, but when I chage between models, all drawing becomes outdated and SolidWorks doesn't work fine with outdated drawings as Solid Edge does. The other problem is that there is no difference between parts for EPDM.


This example  only has 40 configurations, but we have some other complex product that has tens of thousands of configurations.


I appreciate some help.


Thank you in advance.