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    Hole callouts switch layer when re-attached to new hole

    Daen Hendrickson

      I am using SW2013 SP3.


      Perhaps this has been addressed in later versions of the software. Perhaps this is an artifact of my drawing templates.


      Our drawing templates use layers. A new drawing opens with the layer control set to -Per Standard- so that newly created drawing entities are automatically placed on their proper layer. This all works as intended (except for the few things that don't have default layer settings in options).


      The undesirable behavior I am seeing is if I place a hole callout and then later drag the arrow to a different hole the hole callout changes layers.


      We have a layer for dimensions. We also have a layer for hole data. In Options / Document Properties / Dimensions / Hole Callout the default layer is set to the Hole Data layer. And that is the layer all new hole callouts are automatically applied to. But when they are moved, they always change to the Dimensions layer.


      In our list of layers, Dimensions is the first named layer (below -Per Standard- and -None-). If you select a hole callout the heading in the property manager is "Dimension". Foremost the hole callout should not be changing layers. Is it changing to the first layer in the list which just happens to be "Dimensions"? Or is it changing to the "Dimensions" layer because, as the property manager shows, it thinks it is a dimension?


      Anyone else have this behavior?